Best photos of the month

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A photo, a story, let us record and shares your story through the camera lens. Take us into the indissoluble bond between you and the bicycle.

Bonus: The Outstanding Photo Works Award received $50 in cash from BTLOS.

1. The collection time:

From September 2019, 2nd-28th of each month.

2. The collection method:

(1)The customer sends it to us by email.

(2)Customers upload directly to BTLOS website GALLEY

The activity requirements:

1. Photos must be taken by BTLOS customers. Photographs of bicycle rims from other brands are not accepted.

2. The picture can be taken for the camera or for the phone. The photo is clear.

3. There is no limit to the number of photo works, color or black and white. Please upload in JPG format.

4. Please provide the corresponding text description for each picture.

5. This photo collection activity is mainly used to select outstanding photo works. We will select the best photos every month, and excellent works will be displayed in the BANNER area of BTLOS official website.

6. Customers participating in the event should have independent and complete copyrights.

7. BTLOS has the final right to interpret this event.