Introducing CARBON spoked wheelset from BTLOS

After nearly 2 years of testing, we are proud to introduce the new carbon spokes wheelsets from BTLOS! This will be your new Race weapon!


2021 is over. Thank you very much to all our customers who supported us this year. Best wishes and sincere blessings to our lovely customers in 2022. Hope you all are well.

BTLOS Referral Rewards

We will launch a referral cash reward on Black Friday and available for use existing orders. After you make a purchase, recommend your friend to buy. When your friend makes a successful purchase, both parties will have a $30 cash discount at the same time. The discount can be used for your current purchase order, up to a free order.

2020 Merry Christmas

Christmas Sale

In the coming 2021, 2020 is a difficult year, but thank you for your support, BTLOS is still with you.

Any order placed on 2020/12/25 - 2021/01/12th, you can choose your favorite pattern, logo, or text to make decals and apply them on the rim you purchased, here you don't need to pay any decal Related expenses....

COVID 2019 time, free upgrade FedEx, TNT, XDB shipping

Dear customer, I hope you and your family are healthy. Please protect yourself, wash your hands frequently, wear masks, and minimize going out...

The deadline for the upgrade service is July 30, 2020

Chinese New Year Holiday Announcement 2020

The Chinese New Year holiday is approaching every year. This holiday is the most anticipated holiday of the year for the Chinese. All families will be reunited on New Year's Eve.

BTLOS 2019 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

The annual Christmas is coming, and the BTLOS team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Best Black Friday deals for 2019!

All prices have been adjusted to a discounted price of 15% to 30% off. The biggest benefit is that most countries enjoy free shipping, and countries that do not list need to pay the shipping difference. Therefore, the country that is free of postage will send EMS to express by default...

Best photos of the month

A photo, a story, let us record and shares your story through the camera lens. Take us into the indissoluble bond between you and the bicycle.

Bonus: The Outstanding Photo Works Award received $50 in cash from BTLOS...

BTLOS April Fool's Day Promotional

April Fool's Day is coming, BTLOS wishes you a happy April Fool's Day.

BTLOS will have April Fool's Day fun promotion game, ''passing'' to get your surprise discount. Enjoy the fun of cycling.

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