Best Black Friday deals for 2019!

All prices have been adjusted to a discounted price of 15% to 30% off. The biggest benefit is that most countries enjoy free shipping, and countries that do not list need to pay the shipping difference. Therefore, the country that is free of postage will send EMS to express by default...

Best photos of the month

A photo, a story, let us record and shares your story through the camera lens. Take us into the indissoluble bond between you and the bicycle.

Bonus: The Outstanding Photo Works Award received $50 in cash from BTLOS...

BTLOS April Fool's Day Promotional

April Fool's Day is coming, BTLOS wishes you a happy April Fool's Day.

BTLOS will have April Fool's Day fun promotion game, ''passing'' to get your surprise discount. Enjoy the fun of cycling.

2019 Chinese Lunar New Year Special Reward

First of all, sincerely thank all customers for your support of BTLOS! Your encouragement and support keep us moving forward.


BTLOS new  "V" series verstile rims pre-sale

To address this changing landscape and terrain, for a better riding experience, this is why the V-series design.

BTLOS RV-30 is a versatile and robust rim ideal for road, gravel grinding, and Cyclocross. The 30mm deep tubeless ready rim balances excellent wheel stiffness and improved aerodynamics with minimal weight.

New BTLOS Ultra-light Road Rims

BTLOS new Ultra-light Road Rims are more suitable for the race, with more responsive handling, faster speeds, and suitable for climbing, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant ride.


We have some handy hints, tips, and ideas to help to customize your bike. Whether you have a brand new bike, want to color match parts, or want to rejuvenate your old bike. BTLOS currently offers several great ways to customize your bike.

What is the difference between standard and premium series carbon rims from BTLOS?

BTLOS offers Standard and Premium series rims. The standard version and premium version have the same production process and layup design. Standard Edition is an excellent choice for cost-sensitive buyers. For buyers who are looking for the most advanced technology and performance, you can choose the premium version.

Happy Easter Weekend! Have An Easter Discount On Us

Here we would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter long weekend! We hope you have a joyful and fun weekend ahead! To get everyone really hoping for joy, we are giving out special Easter Discount Code!

Happy Anniversary

BTLOS Anniversary is approaching; thank all customers for their support and trust! We will continue to provide customers with world-class quality, and competitive prices backed up by outstanding service and support for every product on every order.

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