We have some handy hints, tips, and ideas to help to customize your bike. Whether you have a brand new bike, want to color match parts, or want to rejuvenate your old bike. BTLOS currently offers several great ways to customize your bike.

What is the difference between standard and premium series carbon rims from BTLOS?

BTLOS offers Standard and Premium series rims. The standard version and premium version have the same production process and layup design. Standard Edition is an excellent choice for cost-sensitive buyers. For buyers who are looking for the most advanced technology and performance, you can choose the premium version.

Happy Easter Weekend! Have An Easter Discount On Us

Here we would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter long weekend! We hope you have a joyful and fun weekend ahead! To get everyone really hoping for joy, we are giving out special Easter Discount Code!

Happy Anniversary

BTLOS Anniversary is approaching; thank all customers for their support and trust! We will continue to provide customers with world-class quality, and competitive prices backed up by outstanding service and support for every product on every order.

Why Trust BTLOS? Reason 1: Rigorous In-house Testing of Rim Strength.

To ensure our rims are able to withstand aggressive riding in the nastiest and most technical trails around the world, like many other top carbon wheel brand BTLOS has its own in-house product testing facility. Before coming to market with a new rim profile, we first subjects our rims to strict internationally standardized EN14781 ...


Here at BTLOS, we are constantly working to improve our products. Through rigorous testing, we have developed a new type of braking surface on our carbon road bike rims. Our new braking surface is constructed of a relatively new, revolutionary, material known as graphene.

Christmas Special Offers From BTLOS

Christmas is coming…and we're saying ‘thanks’ to all customers with a SPECIAL OFFER, If the new carbon rims are what you need, or maybe some parts to get your existing ride going, then BTLOS Christmas special sale will be worth checking out.

Which finish is best for carbon rims and what's the difference?

If you are not much familiar with the glossy and matte finish for carbon fiber rims, then it is the time to boost up your knowledge a bit. Both glossy and matte are the type of finishes provided to the carbon fiber bicycle rims.

In addition to the appearance UD / 3K / 12K, there is usually an option to choose between...

BTLOS offers more choice when ordering custom carbon rims

In addition to UD, 3K and 12K weave, BTLOS offers more choice of weave for carbon bicycle rims! Here you will find your favorite appearance.

What is the difference between weaves UD, 3K 12K, 15k, 3K twill, 18K, 15K twill and silver 18K...

Carbon fiber rims growing in popularity, why?

The advantages of carbon fiber presumably we all know. They are lighter, stiffer and stronger; however, most people only know carbon by these general advantages. Even...

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