BTLOS Referral Rewards

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We will launch a referral cash reward on Black Friday and available for use existing orders. After you make a purchase, recommend your friend to buy. When your friend makes a successful purchase, both parties will have a $30 cash discount at the same time. The discount can be used for your current purchase order, up to a free order.

For example: customer A bought a set of wheels on Black Friday, the total amount is $890 (already using the Black Week free shipping discount), After ordering, customer A recommends 4 of his friends to buy, then he gets an additional $120 discount, customer A Every friend of get a $30 discount. Customer A provides the names of these customers to BTLOS, and BTLOS confirms that these customers are recommenders of CUSTOMER A. BTLOS refunds $120 from paypal to customer A, so for black firday deal, he only needs to pay $770 to get the wheels.


  1. If the order is cancelled, the discount will disappear.
  2. The referral reward discount is only applicable to friend referrals after a successful purchase.
  3. The recommended discount redemption needs to be sent to, and the sales representative will redeem and refund the discount in the original order paypal.
  4. The final interpretation right belongs to BTLOS