Introducing carbon spoked wheelset from BTLOS

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After nearly 2 years of testing, we are proud to introduce the new carbon spokes wheelsets from BTLOS! This will be your new Race weapon!

Why do we use carbon spokes on road wheels?

  • Carbon fiber spokes offer better lateral responsiveness than the same steel-spoked wheels, with a significant reduction in weight.
  • The spokes are lighter(2.6g) stronger and more aerodynamic. Their aerodynamic shape also increases wheel efficiency without compromising weight.
  • Carbon fiber spokes provide increased stiffness and increased tensile strength to ensure maximum power transfer, giving you the edge in all-out sprints and high-power climbs.
  • Greater than 4300N/mm2 max tensile strength (if you are infested to see the test video, contact us). It is 2.6 times stronger than Sapim Cx-ray.
  • Many existing carbon spokes currently use resin to attach the spokes and are not suitable for repair. However, the carbon spokes we use are constructed in a way that makes carbon spoked wheels as usable as steel wheels (easy to service).

Regarding hubs:

Carbon Spokes B are compatible with all straight pull hubs.

Due to the unique design of Carbon Spokes A, the current hubs do not work. We ordered special custom OEM hubs to match the carbon spokes.

  • 3x treble-tooth pawls, resulting in rapid 7.5˚ engagement.
  • Specific Ceramic bearings for decreased rolling resistance.
  • Over-sized 17mm central axles.
  • Designed for carbon spokes only
  • Shimano/SRAM, Campy, XD & XDR bodies are available.

Three models of carbon spokes A:

Carbon Spoke A Extralight1.7 - 1.1*2.6 - 1.72.5g
Carbon Spoke A Aero Plus2.0 - 0.8*4.5 - 2.02.8g
Carbon Spoke A ( Default )2.0 - 1.2*2.8 - 2.02.8g

Please note the carbon spoke A model you want in the order, otherwise we will use the default carbon spoke A to build the wheel set for you.

Wheelset Weights:

wrt30 carbon extralight spoke wheelset

WRT30 carbon spoke extralight wheelset

wrt30 carbon spoke extralight front wheelset

WRT30 carbon spoke extralight front wheelset

wrt30 carbon spoke extralight rear wheelset

WRT30 carbon spoke extralight rear wheelset

Rear-wheel: 2:1 spoke lacing on rear wheels. 21 spokes.
Front-wheel: 2:1 spoke lacing on disc brake wheels, 21 spokes. Radial lacing on rim brake wheels, 16 spokes.

Carbon spokes and special hub are available on all current road and road disc brake models, contact us to order if required.