New Road DT350 Vs Old DT350

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new road Dt350 hubs

After 2 years, road DT350 is finally updated!

It's the same as the MTB DT350 2021+ update, reduced weight and the Ratchet system has been upgraded from the original 18T to 36T!

road DT350 center lock new road DT350 center lock
Weight 406.8g 361g
Ratchet system 18T 36T
Finish plating
matting spray paint
sticker (removable)
decal (not removable)

Freehubs and end caps are compatible with both the new road DT350 and the old DT350.

At present, the new road DT Swiss 350 hub has arrived!

new road Dt350 front hubs

front hub end caps

new road Dt350 freehub

rear hub freehub and end caps

new road Dt350 ratchet system

ratchet system