Carbon Wheels

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Asymmetric hand-built XC trail carbon bike wheelsWM-i22A cross-section drawing

28mm external width, 22mm internal width combined with shallow, 25 depth and asymmetric design to create a stable, lightweight wheel with forgiving ri..


Cross-country trail carbon wheelsWM-i22 cross-section drawing

27mm external width, 22mm internal width combine with 24mm depth to create a lightweight rim capable of withstanding the challenges of trail riding wh..


Symmetric  XC Trail All Mountain carbon wheelsetWM-i25 cross-section drawing

32mm external width combined with a 33mm deep profile to deliver exceptional durability and stiffness at a competitive weight. Premium/Standard..


Asymmetric  XC Trail All Mountain carbon wheelsetWM-i25A cross-section drawing

XC/Trail wheel 32mm external width, 25 internal width, asymmetric design for increased wheel strength. Shallow, 25mm depth provides excellent ride qu..


All mountain Enduro carbon fiber mtb wheelset  tubeless compatibleWM-i29 cross-section drawing

Handcrafted M-i29 carbon bike wheels, 36mm external width, 29mm internal width designed to deliver stiffness and impact resistance in all-mountain and..


Asymmetric hand-built plus bike carbon bike wheelsetWM-i39A cross-section drawing

45mm external width, 39mm internal width perfect for 3+" plus tires. Asymmetric shape adds increased lateral stiffness and wheel strength. Prem..


Symmetrical carbon  Enduro/DH mtb wheelsetWM-i27 cross-section drawing

Enduro/DH durability in a 26" rim. 36mm external width, 27mm internal width combine with 34mm depth to deliver a stiff, strong 26-inch rim. Pre..


30mm internal carbon light Enduro wheelsetWM-i30 cross-section drawing

BTLOS M-i30, 30mm internal width, 35mm wide carbon wheel offers superior light Enduro and All Mountain/Trail performance. Premium/Standard BTLO..


34mm internal mountain bike downhill carbon wheelsetWM-i34 cross-section drawing

BTLOS M-i34 wheels are designed with downhill racing and fast AM riding in mind. 34mm internal width combines with 31.5mm depth to deliver a stiff, st..


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