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- 15% 30mm depth Gravel/CX Disc carbon wheelsWGX30 cross-section drawing

BTLOS new 29mm  external width (22mm internal) CX/Gravel rim offering improved tire profile and performance for wider, more aggressive CX and Gra..

$557.60 $656.00

- 15% 40mm depth Gravel/CX Disc carbon wheelsWGX40 cross-section drawing

BTLOS GX series 40mm wide deep rims specifically made for disc brakes. Featuring a disc specific carbon construction, and compatibility with clin..

$574.60 $676.00

- 15% 50mm depth Gravel/CX Disc carbon wheelsWGX50 cross-section drawing

BTLOS GX 50 makes an excellent choice for CX racing and road disc brake applications as well. Featuring a disc specific carbon construction, and comp..

$591.60 $696.00

700c 40mm depth tubular road bike carbon wheelsRT-40 cross-section drawing

Rims designed to work well with the wider tire profiles often preferred for CX bikes, Gravel bikes, and Road Disc bikes. The wider profile offers impr..


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