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New design! double-lock Carbon Spoke Wheelset
  • Passed 200,000 KM strict test.
  • Lighter: hub only 280g.
  • More reliable: 36T Ratchet System, ceramic bearings.
  • Faster response, better rigidity, more durable.
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New Strongest Extralight Rim
Lighter and stronger!
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The wheels are better able to distribute local impact loads from rock impact or hard landing.
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Today, there are many choices in carbon rim manufacturing. Some manufacturers build quality products, some manufacturers provide excellent service and some offer incredible pricing.

We founded BTLOS on the belief that you should not be forced to choose quality, service or price; you should receive world-class quality, and competitive prices backed up by outstanding service and support for every product on every order.

It is our passion and our mission.


Coating Free

Coating Free

This is BTLOS' most advanced manufacturing process. Due to high-quality carbon fiber and specially formulated epoxy (resin) along with state-of-the-art molding and manufacturing techniques, BTLOS rims come out of the mold without blemishes or defects in their finish eliminating the need for painting and/or clear coating and also saving weight.
USED FOR: Premium Series
Smooth Inside Wall

Smooth Inside Wall

The traditional inflatable bladders used by many manufacturers to maintain the rim's shape during the molding process lack the ability to closely control the final shape of the rim. As a result, although most carbon rims appear smooth and seamless on the outside, they are marked by irregularities and weaknesses on the inner surface of the rim. Each irregularity is a potential point of failure.
Using a molding process we call ''SLW'', BTLOS employs proprietary high-pressure bladders and specific solid silicone forms to tightly control rim shape, producing virtually void-free rims with perfectly smooth walls (inside and out) resulting in finished rims that are truer, lighter, stronger, more durable rims and wheels.
USED FOR: Premium Series
Spoke Hole Angles

Spoke Hole Angles

BTLOS can drill spoke hole angles to match or compliment the spoke angles created by the hub flange (as provided by the customer). Matching the spoke hole drilling angle in the rim to the spoke angle of the hub/hub flange allows the nipple to be better aligned with the spoke when the wheel is tensioned resulting in fewer broken spokes and nipples.
USED FOR: Premium Series / Standard Series
Graphene Special Braking Surface

Graphene Special Braking Surface

By incorporating graphene into our design we are able to increase braking power by 50% in all conditions while limiting heat build-up to less than 150 degrees. These improvements lead to a more durable, stronger brake track along with improved braking performance in wet conditions and during long descents. Our new brake track can also include a patterned surface specific to customer requirements or specifications. (OEM service available). Learn More
USED FOR: Premium Series
Super High TG Braking Surface

Super High TG Braking Surface

Extremely high heat resistance at the brake, testing TG values up to 250 degrees at 100pis test conditions. Ordinary rim TG can only reach 180 degrees.
USED FOR: Premium Series / Standard Series
One-Piece Molding

One-Piece Molding

Since the rims do not have the weaknesses associated with the various components of any of the different designs, they are continuously molded using techniques known as "one-piece molding". Because of this, the rims are perfectly symmetrical and evenly rolled.
USED FOR: Premium Series / Standard Series

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How BTLOS Rims Passed the UCI Test and Why It Matters


We used the standard series of ARC39 wheels for testing. After the test, the lateral runout and radial runout of the wheel only changed by 0.07mm and 0.05mm. This is a very amazing result.

Double Lock Carbon Spoked Wheelset From BTLOS


The newly designed double-lock carbon spoke wheels have passed all rigorous tests. Faster response, lighter weight, stronger rigidity, and more durable carbon fiber spoke wheels!

New Road DT350 Vs Old DT350


After 2 years, road DT350 is finally updated!

It's the same as the MTB DT350 2021+ update, reduced weight and the Ratchet system has been upgraded from the original 18T to 36T!